11 November 2008

Thanks on Veterans Day

To all veterans and their families,

Many thanks to you for your dedication and sacrifices. I know that my family enjoys the peace and prosperity of our life in the USA directly as a result of your service. My little stints in Iraq seem very very small and painless compared to the heavy burden that was shouldered by so many before me, and continues to be carried on.

I'm flying my flag proudly in their honor today. (With a close eye out the window as the clouds threaten to rain on us in central Texas again today!) This Veterans Day was much better than the last one because I'm home. Today I sent my boys off to school at the bus stop, and got to say hi to one of the many other troops who live in my neighborhood. I'm covering a few hours more for my partner C. until she gets back from a medical mission she ran to transport an ill sailor in the Pacific. If I'm lucky and the call day is light, I might even get to hear my son's concert today. (I will be glad to help M. rein in the two younger two boys through the concert this year!)

It is with great admiration and gratitude that I especially salute the service of CTP Rob Yllescas, who is recovering from injuries suffered in Operation Enduring Freedom. Read here about the Purple Heart he was rewarded yesterday:


Please keep him and his family in your thoughts.

Warm regards,



Cathy said...

Thank you Dr. Chris for your wonderful service to our country! I mean that for when you are in war torn countries and when you are also at home.

Chris said...

Honestly, just doing my job, like anyone else. (but I do like doing it at home better!)