02 November 2008

Keep CPT Rob Yllescas in your thoughts

(Image Source: http://yllescasfamily.blogspot.com/ )

A few days ago, CPT Rob Yllescas was injured in an IED attack in Afghanistan. I learned about him through the Milblogging site. His wife Dena is keeping a record of his progress at her blog:

As a surgeon, I was struck by her description of how horrible it was for Dena to learn that her husband had been injured:

I thought about the thousands of young men and women we ushered through the hospital in Balad, and for every one of them, a family at home suffered a similar shock. Maybe there wasn't time to think about it, or maybe I just couldn't handle dwelling on that devastating news again and again, but I think I just held my emotions at bay so I could keep functioning for the new troops who came in every day.

CPT Yllescas was treated in Bagram, Afghanistan. We have surgeons from our flight there at this moment, and I know they are probably hard at work in the operating room at this very moment. As the violence has decreased in Iraq, it has increased in Afghanistan.

I was comforted to learn that Dena Yllescas was helped out by the Fisher House at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center when she arrived in Germany:

Hopefully the family will soon be making the flight back to Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Please send them your good wishes for a safe journey and a rapid recovery.



Chaotic Mom said...

Dena is an AMAZING woman. Please keep sending your good wishes their way, and asking others to do so, too.

And thank you for all that you guys do, too. When deployed and not. Our Soldiers are blessed to have such good folks taking care of them.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you do to serve this country and thank you for taking such good care of the many men and women who are injured in this war. Rob is alive today because of the many doctors, nurses, medics, etc.. who gave such wonderful care under such extreme circumstances.
Rob's aunt

Chris said...

Dear Chaotic Mom and Rob's Aunt, thank you very much for reading. All my good wishes go out to you and Rob for a rapid recovery. The military medical system works well, and it better, because our troops deserve the best. However, I know that most of the hard work is done by the injured troops and their families.

Take care,