04 November 2008

Barak Obama, Our Next Commander-in-Chief!

M. and I have been watching the election with our oldest son B. It was just announced on CBS, MSNBC, and CNN that Obama is projected to be the 44th president of our United States. I am so proud and excited! I feel like every horizon has been opened for every citizen of our wonderful country. I see a warmer and brighter future for my three sons. I'm struggling so hard to find some way to express this, but the best thing I can say is that this is something that we all have waited for many years, and now we can leap ahead as a country united. United we can fix the problems that have been plaguing us. It's going to be better for all of us.



Jen said...

My (American) husband and I were watching the results and speeches last night, and I think that both of us cried during Obama's speech.

As a Canadian, thank heavens! It's nice to have the real American back across our border.

ChefSara said...

I could not agree more!! We were so excited we broke out the champagne!!

Laurel said...

I wept when I read your comments, Chris. We are on the same page. Now, maybe there is some hope that our country, and the world, will get back on track.