13 November 2008

Amazing photos from my brother

I am incredibly proud of my brother, A. He is the most laid-back, friendly, and fun guy to have around. You would never know from this relaxed exterior, but he has an amazingly critical and detailed photographic eye.

Sure that's just a brother talking, but here's my proof: He was just chosen as a finalist in National Geographic contest. here is his photograph:

(If you can't see it on the feed, here is the link:

http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3192/3028076979_7e9608c073.jpg )

I asked Adam to tell me about the shot, and here is what he told me:

(begin quote)

This was taken on the Parker Ridge Trail at the North Western Tip of Banff National Park in Canada. The picture is the view North to Jasper National Park; The Glacier in the background is Saskatchewan Glacier flowing out of the Columbia Icefield. This glacier is about 8 miles long but it is receding at a rate of about 1 mile every 100 years. The Columbia Icefield is HUUUUGE! It's rivers feed the Arctic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and Atlantic. C. and I were hiking and camping out at the foot of the Icefield the day before... It was amazing.

(end quote)

you can see more of Adam's pictures at:



Jen said...

That's fantastic! And congratulations to him- National Geographic's a pretty amazing place to be a photography finalist.

Bongi said...


ChefSara said...

amazing!! we honeymooned in banff, and this takes me right back! absolutely gorgeous photo!

Cathy said...

That picture is really beautiful.

I read, and saw, something on a blog the other day and it made me think of you. You can see it here.


The Morrigan said...

Wow, Chris, this is really amazing! Your brother (biological one, I assume *grins*) is extremely talented.

Chris said...

Dear Jen, Bongi, ChefSara, and Morrigan,

Thanks for checking out his photos! I'm excited to hear how he does. Good to see you here!