06 November 2008

Iraq Veteran Daytime Star

( JR Martinez, Iraq War veteran and star of All My Children. Photo Source: Daytime Confidential : http://www.daytimeconfidential.com/2008/11/all-my-children-jr-martinez-a-real-american-hero)

I suppose I can't get away with sharing a daytime drama story without a little background. We all do crazy things in college. It's our time to experiment. One of the many joys of meeting my life's love in school was to discover "All My Children" through her. We had a laugh together at the trials and tribulations of Billy Clyde Tuggle, his HonEstelle, and sweet Emily Ann. And back then, Susan Lucci still hadn't won an Emmy! Well for M. it was just a little diversion, but I dived in as I always do and soon I was skipping classes to watch with JAD who had the corner room down the hall in our fraternity.

I may have kicked the habit, but I still got a charge out of this story. "All My Children" is featuring veteran and war hero JR Martinez as "Brot". He plays the love interest of one of the regular characters who is a veteran "on TV". What is notable is that Mr. Martinez was injured in Iraq in 2003, and spent 34 months in the hospital undergoing many operations to treat his extensive burns. It is great to see veterans in all walks of our society, and of course it is great to celebrate his victory over hardship.

Apparently the show is going to have an unscripted episode featuring other real Iraq War veterans, so I might just have to get back on the horse.

Here is more on the story:


I know there is no way I can recover from posting about this, but sometimes you've just got to let your freak flag fly.

Have fun,



Deb Estep said...

Hey Chris,

I am very certain you are not the only male out there who watches day time tv. Ohhh in fact my Father-in-law, a retired AF CMSgt is a fan of one of those shows...

I am so happy that you've 'come out' and shared about Army Vet, JR Martinez. What an amazing guy !!!

I found this quote from him...

“You gotta look outside of the box and realize everything doesn’t revolve around you. I looked outside the box and realized I wasn’t the only one going through this level of tragedy – some were suffering with the same or worse things. So here’s the message I pass on to others: You’re not the only one. Reach out to someone else, and in the end you help yourself as well.”

What an inspiration he is !!!

Then I had to go to:


To find out exactly what...
'freak flag' meant. :)))))))


xo xo

Jen said...

When I was in University (a very long time ago), just as many guys as girls skipped classes to watch General Hospital. Entire residences would close down because the TV lounges were so full. I also have a few stay at home dad friends who watch soaps in the afternoons on occasion, and it's fun to watch them blush when you catch them at it.

People who don't have an inner freak are pretty boring, in my opinion :-)
it :-)

Chris said...

Dear Deb and Jen,

I'm glad I'm not alone! But I will say this, you letter reminded me, isn't life so much cooler in school!? Hope my kids realize that!


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