28 December 2005

Horrid little day

Why is my hospital broken? I hate it that it took me 12 hours to do 3 hours of work today. All while my sons are home on school break. No need to look for more reasons to get free as soon as I can. As a resident, it was three days without sleep before I started to get irritable. Last night I worked to midnight and that was enough to give me a headache all day today, but not eating for 12 hours probably had something to do with it. And now I stew at home. Maybe tomorrow will be better. I'll play hookey.

17 December 2005

Briefly Free

Dear Friends,

It has been a long, long, LONG time since I've blogged. So here I am on the first night of my long awaited vacation, so I thought I'd dip in. I am the happy recipient of the kindness of a colleague from San Diego. He has aggreed to cover my service for a week while I take a breather. Since I have been on continuously 24/7 since August 10th, it is a welcome break.

Before hanging up the scalpel for a few days, I made the mistake of operating on two kids for elective procedures earlier in the week. I never like to step away when one of my patients is still recovering, but their families had repeatedly asked me if they could have the date. It was important for them to have the procedures done during the winter break. So, they are recovering in the hospital, and I'm doing my best to avoid thinking about them! At least I can rest easy knowing they are in good hands.

The book has done well, and we were proud to cut our first donation check to Fisher House this month! It was a modest amount, just under $200, but it is a start! They were kind enought to feature the book on their website just under Gary Trudeau's book!

Hope you all are well, and happy and healthy in the embrace of your families. Enjoy Christmas!