09 September 2006

Getting the Word Out about Some Good We're Doing!

Greetings Friends!

So good to have you stop by. I had the pleasure of putting together an article describing the kids we took care of in Iraq. It was a great chance to get the word out about a little bit we were doing for the children whose lives have been disrupted by the war going on around them. It was published in Archives of Pediatric and Adoloscent Medicine, and you can link to it here. Our awesome Public Affairs department at the hospital put us in touch with a very kind reporter, Cindy Tumiel, from the local paper, the San Antonio Express-News. She wrote this very insightful piece about the article and did a better job than I could converting medical-ese into real English. I loved seeing the different takes that people took on the "message" and it is impressive to see how people can draw such different conclusions: Here, here, and here. I'm just happy to highlight the hard work that the Red Tail Medics of the 332 are doing keeping people alive over there.

Take care!