18 March 2006

Try and find this post

It is such a thrill to discover something that a family ranging from toddler to decrepit adult like me can enjoy together. It is also exciting to realize that there has been a hidden world that you haven't noticed in your own backyard. The boys and I recently discovered the world of geocaching: the sport of using a global positioning satellite receiver to find hidden treasures across the world. Many of them are hidden in little parks and spots of green that I have been driving by for years without knowing the secret stashes they held. The boys really seem to enjoy it. In spite of her contacts, M has the best eyes of all and has saved us a few times when we have been ready to give up. My father did bring up the argument that it couldn't be a sport if it didn't involve a ball, bat, or club, but come on, they call darts a sport!

Have fun, love life, be mello,