25 November 2006

Giving Thanks

Hi, friends! Thanks for stopping by. We are spending an awesome Thanksgiving weekend home, together, with the exception of birthday parties, fencing classes, and a couple of operations yesterday. I am thankful that we are together, and my heart goes out to the families, including those of surgeons in my own department, who are not together this weekend. I am also thankful for a good result in an operation I did yesterday. My friends in the nursery called me in to help, and due to their vigilance and early call for a surgeon, I was able to help a little one out before their troubles had gotten too bad. I felt for the parents, spending Thanksgiving with a loved one in the hospital, and I admired their strength and hopefulness. I hope for a speedy return of deployed friends so that they are once again safe in hearth and home.

A lot has happened since I have last posted. The US elections were a long-due indication that our countrymen and women have finally come to their senses about this war. I hope that this change in government heralds a speedy return of our troops to their families. I was emailing with an Iraqi friend after elections. He has had to move his family several times this year for safety. Please keep them and many others like them in your thoughts. He asked me what I thought the elections might mean for Iraq, and I told him I hoped that a rapid removal of the irritant of the primarily US forces in Iraq would reduce the justification that insurgents are using to recruit and kill their own people. He hoped there would be some improvement since it seemed to get more dangerous every day. I hope I can see him and meet his son someday. We shall see; I continue to pray for peace, and I am uncertain of how I can help in any small way to bring it about.

We have been fortunate to have been able to publish an academic account of the children we cared for in Iraq. You can read the abstract and an article about it.

Also, the group I worked with published important information about how to better treat battle injured troops.

And I was able to work with a surgery resident to add to the medical literature an account of a rare condition known as Frasier’s Syndrome, to hopefully help other children in the future.

We miss New England down here in San Antone. We had a good chance to get a taste of Nor’Eastern life when we went ice skating. It’s tough deciding what to where when it is 80deg outside the rink!

We also had a fun visit from my brother and father. It wasn’t quite Thanksgiving yet, but we deep fried a turkey and M made all the traditional fixin’s . It was great to have family close.

Hope you all stay safe and love life!

Until next time,