26 January 2008

26 JAN 2008 Clips from "Baghdad Hospital"

A friend with HBO sent me these two links to excerpts from their upcoming 29 JAN program "Baghdad Hospital, Indside the Red Zone"

I only got to see life within the rarified confines of Balad airbase, and once the 86th CSH in Baghdad, so this is a perspective of Iraq I did not have. I will say that I heard some of my patients say things very similar to those portrayed in the clips.

Clip 1: Ambulance pickup at a market after a suicide bombing

Clip 2: Introduction in the hospital

I think that the clips were filmed in 2007. Hopefully we see less of thes attacks as time goes by. In the first clip when I heard the line "Only the children playing outside." I could feel a sense of a parent's worry for their own children above one's own safety, yet also a feeling of guilt in knowing they were someone's children.


lainy said...

God be with them. It's a horrible situation.

Jen said...

The pain and confusion on the woman's face in the second clip is overwhelming. No matter what the issues are, there has to be a better way to solve political, religious, and social "problems" than blowing up children.