14 January 2008

15 JAN 2008 You go to war with the keyboard you have

15 JAN 2008 You go to war with the keyboard you have

Well, I'm in a plane terminal, and I'm waiting around, using my pack as a pillow, so it must be good! There's a well loved computer station so I thought it was a good chance to say hi. Now years of desert dust and hundreds of thousands of troops who have passed through here have taken their toll on the spot. The keyboard sticks a little. In particular, the shift and the space keys stick. At least they aren't keys I use that often??!! 

It is good to be moving, and by moving, I mean hurry up and waiting! just having the dream of a flight is enough right now. it is hard to be in limbo, not having a job to do, an djust waiting for a trip across the sky to the one i love. 

have to tell you a wonderful story about the big heart beating in the chest of every troop I know. one of my troops recently had a death in the family. By recently , i mean she found out yesterday. She is in our chalk, but for some reason, she got booked on a flight two days late rthan us. She and i came to the terminal earlier today, and made our pitch to get her on an earlier flight. There were no spots available, we needed CEnTAF aproval, there would have to be a REd Cross letter, blah, blah, blah! After we got off the phone, A Sergeant who had over heard our conversation told us to come around the desk an dhe would see what he could do. he calle da friend, who called afriend, and magically a seat appeared on the flight. It was such a sweek, kindhearte dact, and that sort of desire to go beyond the call of duty is something i have seen many times. The big SYSTEm is very cold and uncaring to troops, but each airman serving as a cog in the machine has a family, and i have often seen people reach out to give a stranger a boost when they need it most.

Today I said goodbye to my temporary barracks. It is a large canvas over aluminum shelter that sleeps about 80 men. The temperature was right so i have no complaints. But around shower time, that place is as busy as a bus terminal with people coming and going to the Caddilacs.

Well, i guess i'll check the status board again, might have  changed in the past half hour. knock on wood for me, if this flight slips, it's back to the barracks!!




Mary Ann said...

I hope you are on that flight right now. Thanks for continuing to write. A bunch of us are holding our breaths until you get back to M. Love, Mary Ann

bridgett said...

You are cracking me up. Hope you're in the air now.

lainy said...

How sweet to get that troop a seat for home. That God you all have each other.

I hope your on your way home to M. and the boys.

Take care.

Bag Blog said...

It is great that you took time to write even on your way home. Great story too. I know you will miss those nice bunk-beds.

Jen said...

You're getting closer all of the time, although I would imagine that leaving the bunk beds makes you kind of sad.

Funny- I spent most of the day yesterday convincing my girls that they were too "big" for bunk beds...I think that I'll keep them away from this post!

Have a safe trip- I'm glad that your friend got a flight.

Anonymous said...


I'm so excited FOR you, to be on your beloved way home to those you love and hold dearest. How excited the kids must be, and well, you main squeeze must be just giddy......like a first date!

I'm so happy you are heading home, or at least in route! Sending great wishes you are airborne, and hopefully on your last leg of the trip!

Angel in KY

David M said...

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the - Web Reconnaissance for 01/15/2008 A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day...so check back often.

girlvet said...

When coming home from gulf war in 1990 we arranged our own transportation home. Fortunately we were in air evac so we knew people. Otherwise who knows how long we would have been waiting there to get the heck out.