19 January 2008

19 JAN 2008 I love this place

19 JAN 2008 I love this place

Good Morning!

Here is a great article from John Camp of the MinnPost who visited the hospital last week. The best of the article talks about my friend Public Affairs Officer D. who has taken countless visitors through the hospital. He's not assigned to the hospital, but he might as well be, he's always there. When he is not escorting reporters as part of his official duties, he's staffing the ED and helipad as a volunteer to help out. He gave the staff a real boost by arranging to get everyone a scrub top and backpack with the DAV and hospital logo on them. Back home he works for Disabled American Veterans. He won't have the problem that I had last time. When I got home, I felt like I went from doing a good job supporting the troops to instantly doing nothing for them.

Take care!


Now if I can only figure out how to stop waking up at 0430 every morning...


laurel (booksforsoldiers.com) said...

Oh, good, if you keep waking up at 4:3o every morning, that means maybe you'll keep blogging! ; ) You're still doing stuff for the troops, even though you're now home. The sale of your book benefits Fisher House. Very important. And, your blogs keep thoughts of our troops in the forefront, and, hopefully, inspire folks to keep sending care packages oveseas to them. And, just the good feeling your fan base has about YOU, keeps thoughts of our beloved troops in our hearts and minds. So, you see, you not only made a difference while you were serving on the other side of the world, you, unwittingly, continue to make a difference here at home. Now, I'm going to re-read this latest blog of yours, and then go back to sleep! Lol... See you again soon! ; )

Chris said...

Thanks, Laurel! You are always a boost to me! CC