19 January 2008

19 JAN 2008 It's a Wonderful War!

19 JAN 2008 It's a Wonderful War!

With all due apologies to Frank Capra, I would like to present our take on his timeless classic "It's a Wonderful Life!" that we filmed at the hospital just before Christmas. It is a little late in the season to be unveiling this ten minute atrocity, but I just didn't have to bandwidth to post it until now. Some of you have seen this already, but you many not have seen the bloopers reel at the end of the movie. So without further ado, here is our treatise on the importance of each and every life at the Air Force Theater Hospital!


Bongi said...

weird. maybe don't expect any oscars, but quite entertaining.

Bag Blog said...

Way funny in a very odd way.

lainy said...

I must say I enjoyed it very much. I'm odd like that!