09 November 2007

Waterskiing on the Tigris?

Seen around Balad. I wonder where he puts in. <>


lainy said...

That's just to funny! Keep up the good wit! :)

Chris said...

If not for laughin' I'd be cryin'!

Take care,


ChefSara said...

is it just me, or does the arabic word for stop on the stop sign somewhat resemble that boat?

Anonymous said...

Sara, it wasn't until you pointed out the fact that resembled a boat that I realized in fact, it was arabic, and not a boat.
Dr. Chris, thank you so much for all of your sacrifices and hard work. You are an amazing person for doing the job you do! When I first stumbled upon your blog, I read it the whole way through. Your efforts remind me of the importance of seeing the good in everyone regardless of their situation. You are in my thoughts.