17 November 2007

At the premier

At the premier, originally uploaded by ccoppola@pol.net.

At the premier

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Anonymous said...

Lt Col C-
I had heard about this movie at school and am awaiting its release here. You always have a great way of explaining interesting parts of the military. That said, no one seems to know that USUHS also trains AD military nurses in three programs: Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Family Nurse Practitioner, and Perioperative Clinical Nurse Specialist. Each program is a 2-3 year masters program. We also participate in Bushmaster between our 1st and 2nd year of school. In the class of 2009, more than 50% have previously been deployed, have 5-10 years of nursing experience and many are prior enlisted. While the medical students are learning to become physicians and military officers; the nurses are alredy military officers learning to expand their roles as providers. The nurses at USUHS are trained through the program to function in the deployed setting. Yes, we too have to wear a military uniform everyday. :) I can not tell you how often a family member or friend says, "Where do you go to school?", having never heard of USUHS. Thank you for getting the word out about USUHS!
I hope you and everyone you are deployed with are proud of all that you do! I see your success at the National Naval Medical Center and Walter Reed Army Medical Center everyday!
Stay safe,