30 November 2007

McGyvered fender

McGyvered fender, originally uploaded by ccoppola@pol.net.

How I keep the mud from splashing up my back: coathangers, duct tape and
orthoglass <>


Bag Blog said...

Wow! Are you sure you are not an engineer? All you need now is to clothes pin a playing card to your spokes.

emergencyem said...

Duct tape= best thing in the world.

We actually keep a roll in our ambulance for things such as head and chin straps (yea, they never get put back with the backboards), taping IV lines to the wall of the ambulance so they don't get in the way during long transfers and crap like that. I also used it once to tape the arm rest back on the chair, tape the chair back on it's stand (don't ask...) and to tape a student to a backboard. Yea. It was fun.

RevMedic said...

A SAM Splint would work, too. Nice job.

Pearl said...

Ingenious! I'm happy to pay your salary any day! ; )

Chris said...

Dear BagBlog, Emm, Revmedic, and pearl,

Yeah, it was time well spent! Back when I was a kid, it was a baseball card in the spokes! One use for a double. There is s suspicious line of duct tape up the side of my hooch, that's where my makeshift antenna runs. Now look closely above the front sprockets: You'll actually see the dove-tailed ends of a sam splint that provide the front fender. I'll have to put in another view. One last point: when I catch sweet air over the curbs, the orthoglass slaps the back tire adding some good sound effects to the stunt.

Take care!