10 November 2007

A care package that will go to good use.

Thank you for the generously donated bras for the patients we treat at
our hospital.


Pigasus said...


Thanks for doing the blog. It's a good read.

I did a short hitch on Balad in 2005. I got to work with Iraqis and found them to be a wonderful people deserving of a safe country to live in. Hopefully some day they'll have that.

I can't believe you put your APO up on the internet. When I was in Bosnia an animal shelter shipped us thousands of pounds of dried dog food. CNN had done a story of how dogs suffer in war zones and the animal shelter wanted to help. I was outside the wire doing war stuff when it arrived. It was winter. When I finally got back to my hooch there were a dozen or so love notes from my commander about "my" pallets of rotting dog food.

Just for the record, burning rotting dog food smells even worse than rotting dog food. I had to go back outside the wire for my own safety.

I expect you'll be the lingerie king of Balad in no time. I can't wait to see what you get out of San Francisco.

If you run into 1LT Boivin USAF (you'll know, she's an impossible to miss Valkyrie) tell her Preston said "hi."

Salaam Aleikum.

Blue Skies,


Chris said...


That was hilarious! And I know on first read that it must be absolutely true. The mysteries of the world we discover on TDY. I chock up all the volumes of strange stuff that people send to a huge desire to be of help. I'll keep a lookout for your LT. Loved your blog! Thank you very much for your service.