07 October 2007

Guy Raz of NPR

Guy Raz of NPR, originally uploaded by ccoppola@pol.net.

Quite a staged photo, but you can see I was psyched to meet an NPR
celeb. <>


ChefSara said...

It's always interesting to see what radio personalities look like. I, too, can't live without my NPR! So cool you met Guy Raz!

Anonymous said...

I'm a student at the school of your brothers and found your blog on a teachers site. I love the blog and I love reading the entries :-)
Keep helping our counrty!!

Chris said...

Sara and Shannon,
Thank you so much for your comment and for reading. I shouldn't have been surprised, but just mentioning NPR has has a polarizing effect on readers! I think it is a great disciminator, just like the cat/dog dichotomy! But it has always been true that once you get polarizing reactions, you know you are onto something! I do have to ask the NPR "haters" if they are FOX fans: it's anathema to me. Thanks for reading, and look out for NPR broadcast, possible a 3-parter next week.

Warm regards,