15 October 2007

Espresso morning


I crashed hard last night after 7 cases, and I wanted to let you all know that things were cool here.

I'm on today, and I'm waiting in the ER for 5 casualties to arrive. Some start to the day. An hour ago, an explosion went of just off base: we heard it and felt it. Word is there was a 1000 lb IED detonated in Balad,  and there were civilian casualties. Their first source of medical care is Balad city hospital, but chances are we may receive some if they are overwhelmed. We are ready if so.

The newborn is doing so well. Everyone is trying to get by and get a chance to feed him a bottle. I found our Col in there the other day on the rocking chair, smiling widely with that little bundle of joy wrapped in his blue blanket.

His mother has done so well. She is well enough to breathe on her own, sit in a chair, and has held her baby.

Well the first injured man just rolled in.

Be well, we'll keep working hard over here.

Your man in Balad,



Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your hard work and care for others. You have the thoughts and support of many.

Chris said...

Thank you so much for your support. It means a lot to know that people remeber us! Please also remember the many injured who pass through our doors.

Best Wishes!