12 October 2007

12 OCT 2007 Our cover boy

12 OCT 2007 Our cover boy

Today was a good day of recuperation after steady work last night. Of course with the new day, new trauma victims began to trickle in, but nothing compared to the rush yesterday. Like all in life it runs in cycles. The tide is high, the tide is low.

A friend back home emailed me a nice article about the hospital that came out in Stars & Stripes. The next day, it was in the print version that is circulated around the base, and also throughout Europe and Centcom (the Middle East and Africa). We all got a kick out of the fact that Orthopedic surgeon E. was on the cover. His picture was much bigger than Charlise Thereon, "sexiest woman alive". (They got that one wrong; they must not know my baby!) Anyway, we had great fun teasing E. and asking him if he would still deign to work with us.

I've gotten such generous packages from back home! Yesterday I got an awesome box of snacks from my Uncle R! When someone sends me something, it goes to use. I got a sweet bundle of drawings from M. and the boys. One perfectly captured the relationship between the three boys. G. demonstrates his math ability by adding poison berries and strawberries. It went right on the locker. Many people have stopped to read it and ask, "What is he like?"

I also got a good poster from Mom to keep me company in the hooch. But I still have to thicken my moustache to complete the transformation to Borat.

You all take care!



rlbates said...

You all take care too Chris!

Chris said...

I really appreciate all the good wishes we have received over here. It feels good to know we are remembered.