06 March 2009

Beautiful watercolors for Soldiers' Angels

I received a wonderful email from a friend the other day. She is an artist from Oklahoma, and we met through my blog while I was deployed.

She participates in Soldiers' Angels


They are an organization with a mind-boggling array of different volunteer services for deployed troops from care packages of baked goodies to specialized laptops for wounded veterans. I guarantee you that you will be amazed by some of the things they do.

While I was in Balad, I saw their work in action. Wounded warriors would receive a backpack with comfortable clothing for the trip home and some comfort items like a Dopp kit and a travel mug. It made a difference for these men and women who either had only dirty uniforms, or no clothing if we had cut it off of them.

My friend who is an artist paints cards for Soldiers' Angels. I haven't seen the other entries being considered for this year's cards, but her watercolors are very beautiful. You can see some here on her blog: just scroll down a bit to the 3 MAR entry.


She interpreted one of my photographs, I think it is this one:

And here is her painting:


I think it is just wonderful and really captures the gentleness of the provider. The photograph (and I'm not positive it is the one she used!) is of my friend M. as he prepared to operate on a little girl who had a bullet lodged at the base of her skull that had damaged her carotid artery. I think the painting evokes perfectly the kindness and compassion of my friend who went out of his way to help this little girl.

So I hope that this painting is one of the entries that gets included in the next bunch of Soldiers' Angels greeting cards!

Take care, be mello, and have fun!



Debra Estep said...

Hi Chris,

OMG... Lou is really something !!

I left this comment on her site....

~Breathtaking~ ...

You paint healing with your artist's brush !!! Bless You !!!

THANK YOU so much for this post.

xo xo

Bag Blog said...

Debra, thanks for your comment on my painting, but it was the soldier's care that was awesome.

Chris, Although SA have not said whose art work will be used, they asked me to send my original paintings. I cannot send you the original until I get it back from SA. Thanks for posting the painting on your blog and giving SA the thumbs up.