29 March 2009

A video from the AFTH, summer '07


Here is a video produced by a member of the team at the hospital in Iraq.


The author is Matt Blonde, a respiratory therapist and member of the critical care air transport team.

I think the video is incredible because it shows the journey into and back out of the hospital, step by step for an injured troop. What is amazing to see is how many different dedicated people have a hand in the care of each and every patient.

I wasn't at the hospital when this was shot; I arrived shortly after when the tent hospital was closed and the steel hospital was up and running, but I recognize many colleagues.

If you are interested, hope you appreciate the perspective.


jck said...

This video is touching, respectful, and something that should be shared beyond the military "family". I thank you for sharing, and my deepest thanks to Matt and his colleagues. The American People are indeed fortunate to have such people in our midst and caring for our troops.

membrain said...

Hi Chris. I found this post from a link at Mrs Geryhawk's Dawn Patrol. Great movie and good to see some of your former colleagues at work.

I followed all of your posts from Balad and didn't know that you're still writing.

Thanks so much.