14 February 2009

Project Compassion Portrait of CPT Yllescas

Project Compassion Portrait of CPT Yllescas


(Source: Project Compassion)


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And from Dena's latest post I learned about a wonderful organization called Project Compassion. It was founded by artist Kaziah Hancock, who is the daughter of a disabled veteran.

(Source: CNN)


In 2003 she started painting portraits of fallen soldiers as an act of compassion and kindness for their families. Project Compassion has grown to an organization that offers to paint a free portrait at the request of the surviving next of kin of any soldier who dies in the line of duty since 11 SEP 2001. They will provide this for troops killed due to combat, illness, accident, or suicide. They are funded by the donations of generous citizens and they have a coterie of skilled portrait artists who donate their gift.

Rob Yllescas' painting was done by Clancy DeVries who is a Korean War veteran himself.

(Source: Project Compassion)


The surviving next of kin provides a photograph to Project compassion to serve as the basis for the portrait. The pictures can be official military portraits, informal snaps while on duty, or photographs on leave with family. Here is the photograph that Mr. DeVries used to paint the portrait.

(Source: Yllescas Family Blog)


If you have a moment, view some of the 1227 portraits in the galleries of Project Compassion.


You will see faces of love, honor, devotion, loyalty, youth, joy, strength, humor, mischief, and pride. Some are posed in front of the flag, some wave from HMMWVs, and others hold their babies. We know this: all of them gave so much, and the reason our nation is so strong is because it is rich beyond measure with such amazing individuals who continue to be willing to give. They will not be forgotten; we must remember that we owe them a debt that cannot be repaid.

Here is a news story on Project Compassion if you want to read more:



Tryllyam said...

This was wonderful. There was a woman here in one of the Columbus, OH suburbs who undertook the job of painting portraits of all the men lost in one particular Marine Company in Irag. I've got some photos taken during a class trip with my daughter and would gladly share if you'd like to see them.

Here's a link to a newsarticle about it: http://tiny.cc/LimaCo

Thanks for the writing encouragement and good luck on your move to PA. Can I ask where in the state you'll be? (I'm horribly curious and some parts of OH aren't all that far from PA.)


Chris said...

Dear Tryllyam,

Thank you for your comment and for telling me aobout the painter near Columbus. I would love to see the pictures! I enjoyed the ones that were featured on the news story: in uniform but clearly at ease and enjoying each other's company.

I am moving to Danville, PA (near Scranton) to take a job with the Geisinger Clinic. I've made the drive across PA to OH and that is a looooong Rt. 80 so I'm about 6hr away from the border.

Take care!


Anonymous said...

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