06 August 2008

Remember Forgotten Soldiers

An old friend told me about some wonderful outreach work she had done for soldiers. I had never heard of the organization before so I want to spread the word. They are called Forgotten Soldiers Outreach, and they can be reached via http://www.forgottensoldiers.org/ .

They are active in Florida (and elsewhere) and recently won an award for the important work they are doing. I emailed Lynelle who keeps the organization going. She told me that she would love to hear from citizens here at home who would like to help, and especially from soldiers who are deployed. Soldiers can register themselves, or someone else can register a soldier from home. Either way, they will receive a monthly care package while they are deployed. Soldiers can be signed up here: http://www.forgottensoldiers.org/soldier-register_1.shtml .

Keep up your wonderful caring work, and believe me, it is appreciated!


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Mainer said...

OK, Chris, I have to tout/advertise an organization I belong to. It's Adopt A Platoon (adoptaplatoon.org). It's DoD approved. You can adopt an individual troop, or a unit or a platoon. You can become a penpal only if you prefer and/or have limited funds.

Each adoption requires that you send a care package at least once a month and you write letters once a week- REGARDLESS OF WHETHER THEY RESPOND OR NOT. They also have campaigns throughout the year- Halloween, Christmas, July, all summer, etc.

So far I've adopted 10 individuals and 1 group of 14. It gives you a wonderful feeling to know that you are providing a touch of home to someone who is deployed.

It's free to join but you do have to pass a screening because of the DoD seal of approval.

OK. That's my plug!