27 August 2008

Iraqi burn clinic shutting down


I received this message from Jimmy in the burn clinic at CSC Scania (described in my last post) via Laurel from Books for Soldiers:

(begin quote)

Jimmy wrote:

Thank you so much for contacting me. As much as I hate to say it, the clinic is being shut down. There will be no need for donations by the end of this month.

Thank you,


(end quote)

Don't worry if you have already sent something: I'm sure at Scania, like at our base in Balad, there is a system in place by which the chaplain's office can find a needy home for donated items. If you are looking for an alternate place to help, there are many organizations you can find easily on the Internet (such as Fisher House.) Thank you so much for caring!

Not much to say tonight, got home from the hospital 'round 2300, but at least I'm home. Thinking of all the troops who aren't.



Deb Estep said...

Hey Chris,

Thanks for this update on the clinic.

I've sent this along to other who
had written about it.

xo xo

Jeffrey said...

you have been awarded the Arte Y Pico Award. check it out here:

Chris said...


People really loved hearing about this great work. you take care!


Again, thanks, you are too generous to my sleepy little blog.