06 July 2008

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

From time to time, I write here about things I experience in my military service. But it is important to remember that we are not the first generation to experience war, and as much as I would hope it to be true, it is likely that we are not going to be the last. I want to take a moment to mention the selfless service of my Uncle L. during World War II. This spring he was awarded a public service award from the state of Connecticut for his military duty in WWII. For all the time I have known him, he has been one of calmest, kindest, and gentlest people I know. It is beautiful to see the love between him and my Aunt J. Spending time with them, it is difficult to imagine back to a time more than 60 years ago when our nation was plunged into a conflict that had a much greater effect on day to day life than this war does. It makes the effect that my military service has had on my life seem smaller in comparison. It doesn't, however, decrease my desire for a rapid end to this war.

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