15 July 2008

Here's a story we can be proud of

We don't get enough good news from the fronts in Afghanistan and Iraq. Everyday, there are thousands of troops doing there best to try to get their jobs done and have a positive impact on that part of the world. Here is a great story from the hospital at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan.

Doctors there met a child who had a tumor growing in her right eye. It just so happens that Ophthalmologist D. from our base in San Antonio is stationed in Balad Iraq. He made the trip to Afghanistan and operated to remover the tumor. This is is treatment that would not have been available without the help of the medical corps. It is good to see some benefits stacking up on the balance sheet.

Here are more details:



Laurel said...

Aren't our beloved American medical personnel so incredibly caring and wonderful! What goodwill ambassadors they are. ; ) Nice story!

Anonymous said...


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