13 July 2008

Rolling 35s and jacked!

Well my metal baby came back from the garage intact. They took really good care of us at the San Antonio 4 Wheel Parts on Broadway. A few weeks ago, when Meredith called them, H. took the time to give her good advice on exactly what was necessary to lift the Jeep's suspension. Meredith and the boys were going to surprise me for Fathers' Day (and my impending 40th birthday) with a new lift and wheels. It was just about the sweetest gift anyone could ever give me! At the last minute, she checked her plan with me (just to be sure she was jacking it up enough!) After I got over my shock, I told her I was all for it, but just as soon as the credit cards were paid off. Yesterday, we dropped off the Jeep, and our rig came home today. The good folks down at 4 Wheel Parts even sweetened it for us with a little military discount.

The view is great on top of that 4' lift and those big All Terrains. It accelerates a little slower with that heavy rubber rolling, but it feels steady and stable with the new 12.5" wide stance. The wood half doors came out well, and after a few coats of varnish, they even took on a yellow tone that wasn't too bad of a match. I took Meredith's advice and cut them at the same height as the rear tub which gave a great line for the whole back half of the vehicle.

I might not get to work quickly, or with any semblance of fuel efficiency, but there is very little out there that is going to keep me from making it there! One thing's for sure, when Meredith and the boys pick a surprise, they rock!

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