04 February 2008

4 FEB 2007 I'm not the only one

4 FEB 2007 I'm not the only one

A friend referred me to a very informative article on the continuing incidence of injured kids in Iraq


I worked frequently with one of the authors, Phil Spinella, when he was a pediatric intensivist at my hospital in Texas. Here is the abstract of the original scientific article:


It is a persistent and concerning problem. I really do fear that children, the most vulnerable victims in war, are also the ones least likely to get help when they are injured. Not to mention the fact that they have a tough battle ahead if they have persistant disability from their injury.

I don't have the answers, but I think that Iraq clearly needs to build up its system of healthcare.



lainy said...

Thanks for the information, Chris. I really never thought about the children before I started reading your blog, and now I'm troubled by all of this.

I feel sad because I don't think those children will be really safe for a long time yet, so proper medical care is desperately needed.

Thanks for letting us know the truth. I'll keep all of those children in my prayers.

Bag Blog said...

I'm sitting here reading your blog and listening to a news report that Angelina Jolie is in Baghdad to bring awareness to the the plight of the Iraqi children. Maybe the problem will get more attention and therefore more help. I do appreciate all that you have done.

Chris said...

Lainy, Once you expierence it, you can never forget it. For many of us, after meeting the Iraqis, children and adults, we are bound to them.

TL, I wonder how many Iraqi children Angelina will adopt!

Take care,