10 February 2008

10 FEB 2008 Toggle makes it through another, under duress

10 FEB 2008 Toggle makes it through another, under duress

M. showed me today's Doonesbury. BD is standing by Toggle's bedside as he wakes up from surgery.

It brings up a vastly important issue: The selection of music during an operation. It is an interesting topic about which many of us feel passionately.

Some want the room quiet while they operate. Other prefer rousing music. For others, it depends on what is going on. They will say "stop the music" if things become dangerous. Later they will say "turn on my closing music" when the case is all but done and they want something lighthearted to bring them home.

One study showed that surgeons were more efficient when they had their choice of music playing.

Others have taken the approach that music pleasing to the patient should be played to gain a holistic energy for healing and this has been shown to decrease anesthetic needs.

I have delegated music choice to the circulating nurse. My tastes are so eclectic that I can appreciate just about anything. As long as there is not silence in the room, I'm happy.

Two genres I wouldn't choose are Christmas music and religious music. Christmas music pisses me off because it is wrong when it is not in season. During the Chrismas season it makes me feel like I should be with my family rather than in an operating room. As for religious music, I'm just afraid my patient will get the wrong impression that they are being called to join the heavenly choir.

Anything else will fly in my OR. Many of the surgical techs have iPods and I love hearing what they listen to. It really is a window into the heart. I think that if the tech is hearing music that he or she likes, they will stay energetic and engaged in the case.

Sometimes the circulator will insist that I pick the music and they usually regret it. Below is the playlist of my O.R. disk. (I'm not an iPod person. It was hard enough to give up cassettes and I'm just getting comfortable with CD's.) The list should give you an idea of why I'm rarely solicited for music choices a second time. Not only will this disk keep me in my game during the operation, it prevents me from falling asleep and sliding under a truck on the drive home after the operation at 2am.

Blur: Song 2
Green Day: American Idiot
Offspring: Come out and play
Violent Femmes: Blister in the sun
Clash: Rock the Casbah
Drowning Pool: Bodies
Marilyn Manson: Beautiful people
Alice Cooper: Feed my Frankenstein
Garbage: Supervixen
Cracker: Low
Smashing Pumpkins: Bullet with butterfly wings
Stone Temple Pilots: Flies in the Vaseline
Nickelback: How you remind me
Pearl Jam: Daughter
Fatboy Slim: The Rockafeller Skank
Lit: My own worst enemy
Butthole Surfers: Pepper
Linkin Park: In the end
Cypress Hill: Insane in the brain
Seven Mary Three: Cumbersome
Wheezer: Hash pipe
P.O.D.: Alive
Sublime: Santaria


make mine trauma said...

Oh my! I don't recognize all of those titles but the ones I do give a pretty good picture. That cd would definitly keep one awake foe the drive home.

make mine trauma said...


lainy said...

Interesting! That should keep a body up and moving for some time:)

HollyB said...

What a difference 10 years makes!
I've heard of all those groups/singers, but only listened to a couple.
I would have chosen "Good Riddence" by Green Day, because that's MY favorite. But I guess it's prob too mellow to keep you awake.
And I'd have chosen "Miserable" by Lit. USed to be the story of my...TMI but I like the theme.
I'd choose "John O'Reilly" by CHarlie Robison from Bandera; "I-35" by Max Stalling from Crystal City, "Macho Man" by Gary P.Nunn; Girls Lie,Too by Sara Evans; Prudhoe Bay by Allen Damron; Talkin' Repair Song Blues by Alan Jackson; Tequila,Sheila by Allen Damron; It's All been Done by Bare Naked Ladies; Still the Same by Bob Seger; Awful,Beautiful Life by Darryl Worley; and Blow,Gabriel Blow from the De-Lovely Soundtrack.
But that's just me.

sterileeye said...

I can think of a few operations where some of your songs might not be appropriate:

"Blister in the sun" (skin cancer/melanoma)
"In the end" (hemorrhoids)
"Insane in the brain" (obvious)


X-Ray Geek said...

Where can I get my copy??? I love all of those songs and it looks like a cd I have in my car right now! I thought I was the only one that is listening to Butthole Surfers these days. Good choice!

EE said...

Very, Very nice!


You might appreciate those.

Chris said...

Dear MMT, Lainy, Holly, SterileEye, x-ray, and EE,

So good to see you! I wonder how many of those songs I paid for? I think all of them, but not sure. I can't tell you how right I felt about my feelings for copyright law when the songs M. purchased from Wal-Mart wouldn't work when she moved them to her computer. Anyway, that's something else entirely!
Holly your tape sounds good!
I do have to be careful not to play my stuff with anyone awake. It isn't the gentle healing of classical.
EE that stuff was scarey! Sick baby rang true and the one about the OR captured the fear of going to sleep and wondering if clowns would be dancing around the room!
X-ray, let's trade!


Searching4Angels said...

I see a trend there in those selections. More of a hard rock man?
I agree about the Christmas and religious selections, too. For me? kd lang, all the way!

Have a great Valentines!