12 February 2008

12 FEB 2008 Friends at HumanKind

12 FEB 2008 Friends at HumanKind

I had the good fortune to be included in a wonderful blog, HumanKindMedia. C. and L. over there have made the amazing leap from wishing to do something to make the world better, to actually doing it. They seek out and publicize news of individuals who have looked at hopeless situations of tragedy, and have decided to roll up thier sleeves and take action. It may see impossible to for any one of us to make a difference. But together, we can change the world. People like C. and L. serve as catalysts to network individuals together and act as force multipliers. Here is the link to piece I wrote:


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lainy said...

What a wonderful heartwarming story and for such a great cause.

Our children are our future. They are loved very much by families everywhere.

Thanks for such an uplifting story.