23 December 2008

A child's life improved

I wanted to send good news about the child of a dear friend.

M. is 7 year-old-girl, and she has suffered the effects of sickle cell disease for her entire life. Six weeks ago, she underwent transplant of bone marrow donated by her younger brother. She has made an excellent recovery and the transplant has cured her sickle cell disease. You can read more about it here:


Her mother is a Ugandan-American who works tirelessly to care for seriously ill children in the PICU. We have taken care of many children together. I am very impressed by her dedication to make children's lives better. In addition to the good work she does in the hospital, she has also founded an organization to help the many children with sickle cell disease in Uganda.

I've posted the organization's website before on the blog, but here it is again:



Jen said...

What a great story to read today!

Happy Holidays to you and yours, Chris :-)

Cathy said...

That is a great story. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!

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Chris said...

Thanks for visiting! I was happy to share a good story. C