26 October 2008

Good news for veterans

Good news in the mail! I received a notice that I was part of a study of veterans. Soon I will be receiving a survey to describe any stress that deploying caused for me or my family. If I complete this survey and another one in 6 months, there will be $30 in it for me. It's good to know that there is help out there for veterans.


Jen said...

Hey- $30 is $30 :-)

Let's hope that they use the study for something- while I can imagine the stress that military families go through, I doubt if I have a good idea of the reality.

Kathy Ogden said...

Read your article in the slc tribune. My husband (a 21 yr. vet. USMC), was in Balad in the fall of 04 as a civilian contractor . When he came back in Dec, he was NEVER WELL AGAIN! He had constant muscle cramps, spasms, pain. He was blind within 4 months from optical stokes. He has been diagnosed with frontal temporal lobe dementia (FTD). Dr's at the Uof Utah have no idea how all this happened! While he was in Balad he complained constantly of the horrible burning rubbish - and the smell! Anyone knowing of a study or research being done about this please contact us. Thank you for bringing this to someone's attention. Kathy Ogden

Chris said...


Great to see you. The study is a good step for the future, but I hope they are doing enough for these young men and women NOW! There are some programs such as the "Warriors in Transition" and America's Heros at Work". And yes, $30 is $30, with this economy, I'm going to pinch every penny I can!


Thank you so much for writing and visiting here. Please know that you and your husband have the deepest gratitude from me and my family for his service and the support I know you gave. His story is very frightening. Please be sure you have him under the care of a good doctor (likely a neurologist) who is communicating with you well and continuing the search for an explanation of his symptoms. If not, keep looking until you find a doctor who will. I have met some young doctors who trained at U of Utah and moved here and they have high praise for the institution.

My best wishes,