01 October 2008

Don't, don't vote!

Wow, nearly a month since I've posted. No excuse! We are getting along well in TX. Bit by bit it wears on me to be far from family. It is hard not being able to visit, but very rarely. I know they can get by without us there, but I wish we could be there to share the good times, and also maybe to help out in the bad times.

Since it is OCT, we actually have some mornings that are less than 90 degrees! I wanted to write today because A. sent me a wonderful video called "Don't vote" I think it is aimed at young people, but the message is even good for me, someone who might think twice about voting just because the line is long.

I have been given the great privilege of being able to serve my country. A long time ago, I came to the conclusion that we are so fortunate in the US that we don't even realize how much better we have it that most of the human beings in this world. I felt that it was my duty to try and give a little something back for these riches. I may have ended up experiencing a bit more than I expected, but I feel very lucky that I got to do my duty.

Well, there is a little duty that every American shares: Voting! It is just as important as the job of the troop who gets deployed.

So I couldn't think of any better way of telling you, my friends, how I feel about this than to pass along this video. (Warning, there is a little profanity, but the message is strong.)

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