03 September 2009

A lot of people have asked my opinion on the recent round of health care reform, and I have to admit I don't have much confidence that we are going to get much done. The way I see it, everyone debating health care has made up their mind before coming to the table, and is shouting their opinion so loudly, they can't hear the other side.

I see images of people on Medicare, a government health plan saying that government health plans would be an abomination and should not be allowed to exist.


I see citizens holding vigils and protests, and opponents pay no heed or accuse them of greed.


At one protest, an Obama supporter actually bit off a man's finger!


Fortunately, the man's health care was paid for by Medicare.

I honestly don't think all of the shouting will amount to anything, but the truth remains, that is our American way. We debate our country's business in public, and every voice, no matter how stubborn or ornery has an equal right to be heard. I bet we would have a plan in place already if we were in a country where policy could be enacted in secret, but that is not our way.

For my part, what I think we need to decide is if we believe that we citizens have a right to the benefits of health care, or if it is a privilege for those who can afford it. Day after day I take care of children regardless of whether they have insurance or not. Everyone who works in an ER in this country does the same. It's kind of hard to achieve the inalienable right to pursue happiness for ourselves and our children without health. I'll bet most Americans feel this way about themselves and their families. It isn't too much of a leap to listen for a moment and realize that our neighbors feel the same way we do, and we should pull together to make sure no one gets left behind.


Kimberly said...

"I honestly don't think all of the shouting will amount to anything, but the truth remains, that is our American way." --- ahh yes, I completely agree with this statement.

On the subject of health insurance, I just relocated to the US again after spending 2 years in Sweden, so I'm uninsured. It's a pain in the ass, because I would like a prescription for allergy meds, but so far --- it's too much of a hassle to bother with.

I quite liked the health care system available to me in Sweden, however I was paying quite a bit through taxes in order to use their system...

Have a good one!

Chris said...

Kimberly: excellent comment: It is so hard to compare to other countries where there is universal health care or universal health insurance. (Besides the US, every developed country has this, except Australia) For some reason, we spend more per person for health care, and we Americans love our choice and our ability to walk out and say I'm going somewhere else, or even "I'm suing!" I just think that this is a chance for us to help out some Americans who have no health care and maybe even become a little more efficient and organized. But I'm sure it will be tough with all the shouting.

Take care!