24 March 2008

Operation Iraqi Healing - Severus Worldwide

Operation Iraqi Healing - Severus Worldwide

I find myself back in Texas after a whirlwind trip to the northeast. B. and I got to visit my parents, but we happily reunited with M. and our two younger boys by the time Easter rolled around. Seems like there were a lot of planes breaking down on both of our trips. We actually ended up leaving a day late, and from a different city. Likely there hasn't been some sudden change in the durability of planes, but news of Southwest flying some planes after inspection lapses has changed the airlines' sensitivity.

I want to share with you an organization that is attempting make some changes to shore up the Iraqi health care infrastructure. It is a non-governmental organization of private US citizens called Severus Worldwide. They have been kind enough to call on my experience to be an advisor from time to time.

Here is a communique from VP John Waltz, a retired military man himself:

"I wanted to share an important milestone in our operations at Severus Worldwide. After a lot of hard work and effort, we have officially "adopted" our first clinic, which is the Maternity and Child Teaching Hospital in Al-Qadisiya/Al-Diwaniya."

The clinic in Al-Qadisiya is close to my heart because I know the pediatric surgeon there. With limited resources, he does amazing work for children and has remained in his country in spite of personal risk and hardship for his family. If you wish to help Severus Worldwide, you can get information on their website or contact Mr. John Waltz :



overactive-imagination said...

Wow Chris, It's awesome that so much of your heart is still devoted to the healthcare of the Iraqi people.
The Lord knows that if I had it to spare that I would absolutely be willing to help out in any way that I could.
As it stands though, I am a nursing student and single mom and am never sure how I will even pay my rent for the month. I graduate in August (if I can make it through financially) and I'll be more than happy to do my part then. Keep us abreast of what's going on with it.

Take care,

Trish said...

What a fantastic blog! I'm adding you to my feed reader and I look forward to reading more as you post. Keep up the good work.

Supporting Our Military, One eMail at a Time @ eMail Our Military

Chris said...

Dear Overactive Imagination and Trish,

Thank you so much for visiting. I do feel sometimes like I left part of me over in Iraq, it is impossible to meet friends, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters there and not feel forever wound up in their fate. I know that there are dedicated doctors over there who are sacrificing far more than I am to care for the wounded and the ill.

Be well and thanks for reading.