05 December 2007

5 DEC Another assault in the GWOD (global war on doctors)

2007 Another assault in the GWOD (global war on doctors)

Sgt Snuffy: Dr. X is heading home, so you will have to take his weapon with you.
Me: Why?
Sgt Snuffy: Because you are his weapons courier.
Me: No I'm not.
Sgt Snuffy: But it says here on this paper that you are.
Me: I'm not. I didn't bring his weapon over nor mine. I'm not his weapons courier.
Sgt Snuffy: Who brought your weapon over?
Me: Dr. Y
Sgt Snuffy: Make sure you give Dr. X's weapons case to Dr. Y
Me: Why would I have Dr. X's weapons case?
Sgt Snuffy: Because it says here on this paper that you are his weapons courier.
Me: Thank you.


ChefSara said...

hee hee...that reminds me of when I worked for the government. if it says it on the paper that has passed over several desks, it *must* be so!

lainy said...

Lol cute story and true I'm sure!

Glad to hear you're in a better state of mind.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much - made me laugh out loud! take care.

Jeffrey said...

oh boy. what the paper says is everything isn't it? reminds me of the regimentation i experienced and the officer-WOSE (warrant officer, specialists, and enlistees) divide in the armed forces i served in.

Jeff said...

I don't understand why you need a weapons courier...

Great blog, thanks for serving our country and thanks for the blog.


Chris said...

Dear Sara, Lainy, Anon, Jeffrey, and Jeff,
A movie I love is "Brazil". It isn't too far from the truth of death by paperwork. You have to laugh or cry. I think there is no use to giving me a weapon. Everyone here, including me is in more danger! But I have been adequately trained, and do have one in my sphere of responsibility. Hope I never need to kill purposefully.