13 September 2007

14 SEP 2007 A visit from star athletes

Yesterday, we were graced by a visit from a team of well trained and highly skilled athletes. It is always a privilege to see a performance from those who have honed their endurance and skill until they are able to rise to the pinnacle of their field. I'm talking of course of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. These young athletes were brave and generous enough to get on a plane and risk their tails to visit troops in the war zone. It emphasizes the spirit of our hospital battle cry: "Bustin' ours to save yours." These friendly ambassadors of all-American good will were only 18 to 23 years old - such babies! Young enough they could be my children. But after all, that's the age of most of the injured troops whom travel down the hero's highway from the helipad to our emergency room. We visited with the cheerleaders in the physical therapy suite, which seems appropriate as they were excellent demonstrators of range of motion exercises. Their escort then saw them off to the Sustainer Theater for their show. I've remained behind to help the team tend to a patient. I've never had the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders visit me in Wilford Hall! I think some really good ideas can come out of our hospital practices here in Balad. You all take care and be well.

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