08 September 2005

Made A Difference For That One: A Surgeon's Letters Home From Iraq

Made A Difference For That One: A Surgeon's Letters Home From Iraq
How can such a short week seem so long?
Monday is usually a bumper day since we have academic lectures and meetings. This week, starting on Tuesday, I operated for about 14 hours and then Wednesday was a full clinic with a few extra walk in visitors to add to the fray. In the middle of that I had to run downstairs to operate on a one-year-old boy's lung. Then today started with an emergency call to operate on a newborn who weighed just about a pound. Don't get me wrong, this sounds like complaining, but I feel lucky that I get to do such a wonderful job. It is exciting and rewarding, and every once in a while it goes so smoothly that I feel like I'm getting the hang of the awesom and frightening job of tinkering with injured and ill children. I know in my heart that when it does go right, it is only through the God's grace and the incredible power of the body to survive such grevious illness. Anyway, all that hustle at the hospital leaves me longing for some do nothing time, and a chance to blog fits it perfectly.

I have gotten such generous words from the people who have been kind enough to offer advice to me and M. about the book. We are spreading the word a little here and a little there. It doesn't hurt to have Mom as my full court press agent in Connecticut hooking us up with articles and interviews.

Well it's back to the grindstone tomorrow, but for now I'm chillin'.


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Anonymous said...

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