02 August 2005

Final Revision(s)

Hi Everyone!

Well, we have just submitted our final revisions to the final revision! Our representative at the publisher has been very patient with us. We've read the book over so many times that I couldn't believe that we found an error that had slipped through previous reviews. Ron told us that even weeks from now we might notice something we would want to change or a friend will point out an error, but you just have to go with it at some point.

Vacation is fun, but too many loose ends at work keep reaching me via cell phone and email. The pager is off, but I'm just going to have to avoid electronic devices completely.

Since I work in Texas, but cover a wide area of military members' dependents, some of my patients come from far away (Even as far as Japan!) Well, it takes a bit of coordinating to make sure that their operations go well, and I have been on the phone almost every day with a referring doctor who lives a few hours away. As long as the operation goes well, it is worth it.

As for my patient in Iraq, still lots of chit-chat and emails, but no major progress. Today the possibility was raised of using the opportunity to actually have a physician accompany her who could take back some of the techniques and skills to maybe start a program of liver transplantation in Iraq. That would be a fortunate and blessed thing if the troubles of this little girl might result in future patients having an easier time of it. So I'll ask as always, keep everything crossed and send your prayers.

Peace, out,


P.S. That's a photo of me and friend in a ghost town close to the Texas border

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