21 July 2005

crash course in web publishing

Since the book isn't out yet, put up a button to request to be on a waiting list. Heh! I don't think there will be as many advance sales as Harry Potter. Well, even if it sells a few, that's a few bucks donated to Fisher House. They have been really cool about it, letting their logo be used on the book.

Had a successful launch a few days ago. Speaking of a Frankenstein, The Alpha was pieced together with masking tape, and used a homemade 'chute of dental floss, rubber bands and a Target shopping sac. Had to fish it off the roof of a very nice lady's house in a retirement community, but it survived. Turns out her husband was an old AF flier and she loaned me the oversized umbrella she got while they were in Thailand to get the rocket down. Good people everywhere.

Surgery went well today, and I'm thankful for that. We finished teaching the ECMO course and all the labs went well so I'm thankful for that too. One of my boys is away and I miss him. The house seems so quiet with only one out of here.

Well it is all too tempting to write here when there are other deadlines looming.


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