03 February 2008

3 FEB 2008 Call for submissions: SurgeXperiences #115

FEB 2008 Call for submissions: SurgeXperiences #115

Hello Friends!

I am proud to announce that I will be hosting the SUN 17 FEB 2008 edition of the Blog Carnival


A Blog Carnival is a collection of blog entries from different bloggers gathered in one location by a moderator. The opportunity is open to all authors, and is a way to draw new readers from across blogs with similar interests. The entries should be roughly based on a chosen theme, but this guideline is rather loose.

In two weeks, I will publish here the submissions I receive. The topic is:

(Source: Kubrick, Full Metal Jacket, 1987)

Please send me your impressions of the effect of war on surgery, of surgery on war, and any observations, musings, or comparisons from inside or outside the theater of war.

Please submit your entries here, or if it is easier, you can email them to me here.

Now while you are considering participating, (and I hope you do!) Take a moment to visit the current surgeXperiences blog carnival here at Notes of an Anesthesioboist.

Here is the catalog of past surgXperiences editions.

And if you wish to host a future edition, please do! Here are guidelines on how to do it, and you can contact Jeffrey who runs the show here.

Take care!



HollyB said...

I look forward to reading this.

Jeffrey said...

good luck in hosting! look forward to it.

EE said...


I had to change my URL...

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the end result. Very exciting!

I wish I had some input, but being a mom is as far as my medical degree gets me! I do have a lot of respect for not only you doctor's, but the resident's also. My son was so sick last Jan. I almost lost him, but because of the doctor's and resident's at Ohio State University Hospital in Columbus, OH he came through his illness. That trauma team were a wonderful bunch of people.

Good luck and have fun.