25 April 2008

Americans helping Iraqi's in need of medical care


An dear friend and expert medic from CT sent this article about medics working out of the back of their Stryker vehicle to help injured and sick civilians in Sadr City. I remember what a challenge it was to treat burns even with all the resources of the Air Force Theater Hospital, so yet again I am amazed at the skill and industry of medics.

Of course we can't be there forever to provide emergency health care. Every life saved is precious, but the main goal has to be building up the civilian health care infrastructure of Iraq. Friends at Severus Worldwide are doing all they can to shore up Iraqi health care, one clinic at a time. J. at Severus told me that not only are they seeing some donations and progress, he also has trips scheduled to speak with Iraqi's and Americans to put those donations into action soon. You can read more at the Severus Website.

It's been a busy week what with operations, re-certification, and courses. I'm glad to see Friday here. I've got my first day off in two weeks tomorrow.

Be mello!


13 April 2008

Heroes home in Kansas

Can't help but spread good news. Sergeant T. is home to his family in KS.


Burned boy evacuated from Balad

Burned boy evacuated from Balad

13 APR 2008

I read a great announcement from the AF news service that they had been able to airlift a burned boy from Iraq to the Shriner's' Burn Hospital in Cincinnati. He is a three-year-old boy who had been burned over 45% of his body by a cooking fire in his home. I saw this exact scenario so many times in Iraq. Many of the homes are one-room dwellings that have an open or poorly shielded cooking fire in the middle. It is so easy for the crawlers and walkers to stumble into the fire and get burned by the cooking fuel or scalded by the meal. We never were able to keep alive a child who had been burned over more than half of his body. In comparison, at US burn hospitals, the specialized staff is frequently able to save children who have been burned over 90% of their bodies. I hope this Iraqi child does well and is home soon. (Photo Source: LaRock, USAF)